We are pleased to announce that we are changing our company name from EWL (UK) Limited to Hughes Fabrications Limited

Our business has undergone significant changes over the years, initially starting as a vehicle welding company in 1979 owned by the Ellis family, and being taken over in 1994 by the Hughes family, growing into a multi service fabrication business. E and the W in EWL stands for Ellis Welding – neither of which represent what our business is today, so we thought it was time for a change. 

Over the coming months we will be changing our branding from EWL (UK) Limited to Hughes Fabrications Limited.

Finally, this is a change of name only, the legal identity of our company (company registration number) remains the same, the change of name does not affect existing commercial relations with employees, customers or creditors. There is also no change to our address or telephone numbers. You will see new email addresses, but the old EWL email addresses will continue to work. 

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. We look forward to delivering your new orders as Hughes Fabrications Limited.

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